4 types of dating abuse dating a female triathlete

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Physical abuse can be performed with a weapon or restraint or merely using body, size or strength to harm another person. For example, an abuser could forcefully shake the victim in anger.While the victim may not require medical treatment, the shaking would still be a form of physical abuse.One NIJ-funded study examined the prevalence of dating violence among 5,647 teens (51.8 percent female, 74.6 percent Caucasian) from 10 middle schools and high schools (representing grades 7-12) throughout New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. "Partner Violence Among Adolescents in Opposite-Sex Romantic Relationships: Findings from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent Health." 91 (October 2001): 1679-1685. Findings indicated that within the past year: The study also specifically examined dating violence rates among teens who had dated within the past year (66 percent of total teens; n = 3,745).

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More girls reported perpetrating physical dating violence than boys (34 percent vs. In addition, 64 percent of girls and 45 percent of boys reported perpetrating verbal emotional abuse toward a dating partner. Nearly one in four girls and one in seven boys reported being victims of sexual coercion in a teen dating relationship. ​ NIJ-funded research has also examined the prevalence of dating violence among a national sample of Latino adolescents.

Emotional abuse involves actions designed to destroy a person's sense of self-respect or self-worth.

It includes constant, an unrelenting verbal onslaught of insults and criticisms designed to humiliate and belittle the victim.

Sexual abuse not only includes rape and sexual assault, but it also includes demeaning behavior like exposing a partner's body to friends, forcing a partner into posing for pornography, secretly videotaping a partner while engaging in sex, or forcing a partner to have sex without using protection.

Reproductive coercion, which is forcing a partner into having an abortion is a form of domestic sexual abuse.

Forms of abuse can be physical, sexual, emotional and psychological.

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