Application screenupdating in access vba andrew garfield and emma stone dating interview

11-Jun-2017 04:50

Screen Updating = False 'swap between sheets 1/2 (need both sheets or this will crash) For i = 1 To numb Switches Sheets(1 (i Mod 2)). Screen Updating = True 'get results for part two results = results & vb Cr Lf & "Screen Updating IS disabled: " & Format(Time - start Time, "hh:mm:ss") & " seconds" 'show results Msg Box results End Sub Firstly I've been using the script written by Richie (UK) Post #7 Here It simply iterates through a loop changing the value of i in one cell.

I have changed it slightly so it loops 10,000 times and I execute it 10 times for sample size.

I always assumed it was just used so that it didn't scare end users into thinking their PC was about to crash.

When I started reading more into improving the efficiency of your code I understood what it was for but how much of an effect does Turning off screen updating will only make a difference to execution time if the code interacts with Excel in a way that causes changes to the screen content.

Bold = True 'change the header row if necessary Range(Range("A1"), Range("A1").

The sub total headers in column A are still bold, but the subtotal values in the other cells is not bold.

Situation 2: When you are saving a file with already existing file name, Excel popup a warning message.

I have an Access 2010 application where I run a SQL query and output the results to Excel. So here is what I currently have: This is correct except I need all of row 5, 8, 16, and 17 bold like this: Here is my code to create the Excel file from Access (this all works except for the bold issues): Public Sub Export To Excel(query) Dim app XL As Object Dim wbk As Object Dim wks New As Object Set app XL = Create Object("Excel.

I'm using the Excel subtotal command to create subtotals.

Value = " VBA Tutorials" 'Make sure that you are enabling the events once you are done with your task Application.

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Status Bar = "" End Sub You can suppress the Waning alerts by disabling the display alerts.

Status Bar = " Please wait while printing the numbers " & round((icntr / 5000 * 100),0) & "%" Next 'Make sure that you are clearing the Status bar once you are done with your task Application.

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