Chronicles of a dating diva

19-Dec-2017 18:25

With the almost-certain passage of tax reform next week, Congress will deliver President Donald Trump's first major legislative victory. S.-Soviet rivalry ever get out of hand, a nuclear war would likely mean the end of both countries and, possibly, the end of human life itself.

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continue reading Since I got my license (sa pamamagitan ng marangal na paraan, if I may always add, hehe), I've been more useful.

Nicki (as in my yellow Nicki Mirage) and I have become the best of friends. For example, during the first time I brought Raviv to his football skills training, we weren't allowed entry to the venue. He recently got a forty-peso haircut from Gupit Konyo (Yup, that’s the name of the barber shop! Konyo trumps over Gwapo, hehe), and my my my did that forty-peso haircut transform my son into a binatilyo! Anyway because of Raviv’s Gupit Konyo post, I have been receiving lots of messages in connection to it. continue reading Remember THIS POST I wrote years and years ago? 🎉 I saw on Facebook that it’s Momster Teacher’s 6th anniversary.

The style of writing commonly known as “Kufic” has been classified into distinct palaeographic styles.… continue reading »

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These are marked with the painters name /initials and a date - the name of the flower is always handwritten or not there. Pieces which do not meet the factory's demands for perfection are marked as "seconds".… continue reading »

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We spoke to each other and agreed to invite a sexual partner for me on my birthday to have 🙂 The thing we had to think of was the person who could be the third one to fuck me as it should have been someone whom we trust and who would not gossip that he had his cock in my vagina Having given the thought some consideration we decided that it must be our dog.… continue reading »

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The instruments and bows below have at some stage been on offer on this site through this dealership. 2015 COLIN Jean-Baptiste, 1896 COLIN Jean-Baptiste, 1905 COLLIN-MZIN Ch. The one-piece back is cut from a truly beautiful piece of maple with a very clear and distinct fine curl.… continue reading »

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