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in the Medveds’ book was not a hoax concocted by them.However, the minor, low-budget film was so obscure even after its release that it’s hard to imagine it could have triggered a massive outpouring of petitions to halt its production. The uproar wasn’t over a gay Jesus, merely one who both questioned his fate and who had a dream about a sexual relationship with Mary Magdalene. We take our religious icons seriously, as Denis Lemon, editor of the British publication , found out in 1978. In the early incarnations of this call to arms, people were asked to fill out an attached form letter of protest and mail it to the Attorney General of Alabama.We have concluded that the “Jesus movie” rumor originated in 1977 when a suburban Chicago publication, Modern People News, reported that certain interests in Europe were planning such a film and requested that readers express their opinion of the purported project.The ads for the film show the face of The Savior (with a cross glistening in one eye) while the headline inquires ‘Are You Curious About HIS Sexual Life?’ Filmmaker Louie satisfies that curiosity by showing us that the Son of Man was a voracious homosexual. This piece about an upcoming “gay Jesus film” is one of those examples that demonstrates a good petition never goes away, even when the issue it addresses has long since been settled (or was never really an issue in the first place). We must not allow this perveted world to drag our Lord through the dirt. The chain letter is a plea to protest “in the strongest possible language” the making of a movie in which Jesus Christ could be depicted as a swinging homosexual. We CANNOT AFFORD to standby and DO NOTHING about this disgrace. Dear Ann Landers: The office of the Attorney General of the State of Illnois respectfully requests your assistance in combating an international chain letter that is distressing hundreds and thousands of Christians and those of other faiths as well.

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There is already a play that went on for a while, but never stopped! Please send this to ALL of your friends to sign to stop the movie from coming out. Show your faith and respect for our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who died for us! Despite our efforts to get the word to the public that the chain letter is a hoax, we continue to receive approximately 1,000 protests every week and at least a dozen phone inquiries each working day.“Hopefully we’ll send a message that this is basically unacceptable,” said continues to play various live theatres from time to time.It completed a four-week engagement at London’s Pleasance Theatre in late 1999, and in March 2001 it became the subject of a brouhaha at Florida Atlantic University in Boca Raton when several state lawmakers threatened to cut funding for FAU because their theatre department staged the play.In May 1998 the theatre announced it was pulling “Corpus Christi” from its A week later it changed its mind, reinstating the play to its fall roster.

Caught between cries of censorship on one side and outraged sensibilities on the other, the theatre had to make a choice.

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