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Lenox Belleek's mark, and craftsmanship dates back to the 1800s. They are best known for their dinnerware, but Lenox Belleek also produces a full line of porcelain figurines.These fine wares and collectibles were produced in Trenton, New Jersey. The products out of New Jersey are still sought after even today.A series of 16 hand-drawn, colourful ceramic plaques are located at key points on the pottery tour.Head of Design at Belleek, Fergus Cleary created the animations taking inspiration from a series of old photographs dating back to 1857.The trail map has 16 points and the children have to follow the clues on the map to find the answers on the plaques throughout the tour. ONE SIXTY is a collection of moments and memories telling the story of Belleek Pottery over 16 decades.

See, hear and touch the product throughout the tour.The Belleek porcelain factory was founded in County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland about 1849, after landowner John Caldwell Bloomfield inherited his father's estate, and undertaking a geological survey, discovered the area was rich in minerals.Bloomfield went into partnership with a London architect and a Dublin merchant and set up a pottery business to provide work for the tenant farmers whose lives had been decimated by the Irish potato famine.If your enquiry is of a general nature, the team here at Heritage Island will respond to you directly.

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If it is more appropriate for the attraction(s) to respond to you directly, we will request them to do so.As part of their 160 year celebrations Belleek Pottery have launched 2 new projects, Bloomfield’s Trail & ONE SIXTY.