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Which, looking back on things, probably set me up for trouble with this group. I told her I didn’t, but had given it some thought. But I felt myself being drawn inexorably into the discussion, like a moth to the flames, so I explained my reasoning. “That’s weird,” they said, “and it sounds dangerous.” I started to explain, but my heart wasn’t in it.

After a while, W decided she wanted to nurse (at almost 9 months of age! An out-of-place-looking mom who’d been eyeing me curiously from across the room for some time came over and sat shyly next to me. Emboldened by my reply, she told me she’d birthed at home. I already liked this woman, and had been starting to envision a lovely, mom-friend future together. I wasn’t trying to change her mind about vaccinating. To know that I had reasons for making the decisions I did, just as I was sure she had reasons for making the decisions she did. “That’s just weird,” she said, “and you’re endangering your baby.” She walked away. I told them the truth: sometimes she plays by herself and I get a few minutes. Lately, I told them, she’s had an obsession with crawling around after a meal, picking up little pieces of food off the floor and eating them. Within moments, they’d drawn up into a tighter circle — with me outside it — and were talking about the videos and talking toys they planned to buy their babies for Christmas.

I lamely tried to dodge the question with a non-sequitur: “I don’t much like my pediatrician,” I said, hoping to change the subject. They wanted to know which Baby Einstein videos I had her watch each day.

The time-saving online video lessons in the Introduction to Physics unit provide a basic overview of physics and cover topics such as the scientific method and scientific notation which, while not unique to chemistry, are necessary prerequisites to the study of chemistry.

Topics include: Atomic Models, Atomic Emission Spectra, Blackbody Radiation, Photoelectric Effect, Planck's Constant, Compton Scattering, Light Quanta, Matter Wave - De Broglie Wavelength, Quantum Physics.

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She also breastfed and co-slept, and like me, she worried about things like when to night-wean. I was just starting to ponder how to ask whether she wanted to see me again when she asked THE QUESTION. We’d swap tips on the best farmers’ markets, which second-hand clothing stores were having sales, and the most effective detergent for cloth diapers. I chatted with a few of the women seated near me, who remarked on W’s “advanced” abilities (are they? She crawls around and eats books, for the most part). Our Free Online Dating service gives you a variety of members from different location across the country so you can be sure that someone will catch your eye.

In general, however, they avoid the racier activities of bachelor and bachelorette parties and focus instead on friends having a good time together and relieving stress before the big day.… continue reading »

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"He was quiet, but at the same time he would interrupt and impose when he felt like it," Mills said. He was a standout creepy guy in my life."Though Alcala won the date with Bradshaw, she ultimately refused to go out with him, according to reports."One wonders what that did in his mind," crime profiler Pat Brown said in an interview with CNN. She played hard to get.' "Alcala became a killer just months after his appearance on the show, prosecutors said.… continue reading »

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And in recent years, bands such as Red Fang (who used Beta Leads for every instrument, including bass), No Age, and Tenement have made prominent use of the Sunn Beta.… continue reading »

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Let's wish the new couple the happiest of times as they continue to grow their relationship!… continue reading »

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