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03-Jan-2018 11:38

The rise of the alt-right, the massive research conducted on Generation Z, and the concentration on race relations by the far left have all been on the center stage this year.And, as 2018 is right around the corner, it doesn’t seem that these socio-cultural issues are going to end anytime soon.In subsequent responses to her critics, Tuvel has said her article was a response to the media sentiment that transgender identity is socially acceptable (Jenner was featured on the cover of magazine), while transracial identity is taboo (Dolezal was fired from her job at the NAACP and scorned in the media).Last week, a flurry of outrage stormed through social media calling the article “wack shit,” “crap,” “offensive,” “violent,” and more.And its author was called “transphobic,” “racist,” “crazy,” “stupid,” and worse.Many were (and still are) calling for a retraction of the article and an apology from Tuvel.In the United States, the federal government lifted bans on interracial marriage in 1967 with the historic Loving v. This resulted in a dramatic increase of interracial marriages from 2% of all married couples in 1970 to 8.4% in 2010.

The question is, why did so many scholars, especially feminists, express one sentiment behind closed doors and another out in the open?

As one academic wrote to me in a private message, “sorry I’m not saying this publicly (I have no interest in battling the mean girls on Facebook) but fwiw it’s totally obvious to me that you haven’t been committing acts of violence against marginalized scholars.” Later, this same scholar wrote, again in private, saying Tuvel’s article is “a tight piece of philosophy” that makes clear that the position that “transgender is totally legit, [and] transracial is not—can only be justified using convoluted essentialist metaphysics.

I will write to her privately and tell her so.” Others went further and supported Tuvel in private while actually attacking her in public.

The split between what people wrote to both Rebecca Tuvel and to me in private, and what they felt compelled to say in public is one indication that the explosion of personal insults and vicious attacks on social media is symptomatic of something much bigger than the actual issues discussed in Tuvel’s article.

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In private messages, some people commiserated, expressed support, and apologized for what was happening and for not going public with their support.In a video published by the You Tube channel CHRIS & MADS, a channel focused on vlogging, a young white girl can be seen giving her black boyfriend a new car as a surprise.

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