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I had assured Steve and Danny that it was not my first time in a paintball game and I would not be a liability. You should appreciate that,” Steve said, watching Danny arm himself to the extent possible. I could not help but laugh at his declaration, making Danny frown at both of us. You don’t win if we die,” Danny reminded him, using his free hand to emphasize his point, pointing from himself to me and back. They are 20 yards to the north northwest.” “North northwest Rambo? Fine,” Danny said, waving in the general direction Steve was pointing. Not going to work,” Steve informed us and Kono simultaneously. Max says he’s been dead for several hours at least.” “All right,” Danny said. A real dead body with a real bullet wound that really killed him.” “She’s playing us. ” Steve asked, looking down at Danny like he could not possibly believe Kono. “They aren’t going to shoot any of us,” Danny said. I’m pretty sure Danny didn’t care but I recognized the “win at all costs” look in Steve’s eye when we arrived at the facility. Danny was seven inches shorter than Steve but you wouldn’t know it from the way he acted. “We all have to stay paint-free.” Steve shrugged and looked through the trees where we had taken up position. ” “That way,” Steve said, pointing out to our right. “Alert me if you die.” “Roger that,” Steve said, getting into his crouch as though that would prevent Team Blue from seeing him. Even if they could, Chin promised us he wouldn’t,” Danny reminded him. Danny reached up and took Steve’s phone, ignoring Steve’s protest. “I’ll get Rambo to stand down and we’ll be right there.” “Thanks . I thought she sounded genuinely concerned but decided it was for the two of them to sort out. “Because unlike you, I understand the basics of Human to Human communications. It’s not a ploy to get us out from our cover,” Danny said, extracting the map from Steve’s back pocket to study it for the location of shelter 16. They continued to argue the lack of Danny’s ‘strategy’ versus the lack of Steve’s good sense as we approached the indicated shelter. While the Hawaii Five-0 team are playing paintball, they come across a young man who worked there and has been killed with a single shot through his head. Because I couldn’t seem to avoid rewriting even after I had their blessings.) Cool artwork made by anuminis. He was leaning back against a huge boulder as Steve served as look-out while Danny reloaded. Danny’s no doubt verbose reply was stopped by the arrival of a woman driving a bright yellow golf cart. She was a native of the island and looked a little like Kono, the same general height and complexion, her dark hair held in a ponytail, her yellow shirt proclaiming . ” “I’m Commander Steve Mc Garrett,” Steve said, extending his hand to shake hers. Chin and Steve had eased away, going to talk to the HPD officers who had just arrived and were beginning to cordon off the area. ” Danny asked as gently as that question could be asked. “I just can’t imagine how this could have happened,” Hiako said, shaking her head. I had also been studying them but nothing stood out. ” Danny asked as Steve paused on one of the photos of the victim, his blank eyes staring unseeingly up at the bright blue of the sky. Danny answered his phone, placing it on the tech table so we could hear the conversation as well. It was only a moment later that he returned, putting his phone in his pocket.

Consequently this three-dimensional exploration of Picasso's Guernica is an innovative technique for comprehending and appreciating the original masterpiece.

From the creator's site: The idea of creating a 3D version of an influential artwork came out of doing jigsaw puzzles of famous paintings.

When you assemble a jigsaw, you study a painting in great detail and you become aware of the very lines, shapes and colors that the painting is composed of and how these elements merge to create a unified expression.

Detective Kelly is a voice of calm and a steady presence for them all. ” Danny asked, stripping off his vest and putting it on a convenient picnic table. “Just please find out who hurt Ronnie.” “We will,” Kono promised, turning slightly to look up at Steve when he and Chin returned.

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Commander Mc Garrett listens to Detective Kelly in ways he does not to anyone else, except possibly Detective Williams, but that’s mostly because Danny seems to always be yelling at Mc Garrett. Detective Kelly is as different from Williams as could be possible, yet they work together seamlessly. “Is there anything you can tell us about Ronald that might help us? It was the only tone of voice I had heard him use although this time it sounded filled with sympathy. However, the first day I was with them, she subdued an escaping suspect with a solid round-house kick, taking out a man three times her weight.