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The prison is currently home to 1,100 male prisoners serving sentences of more than four years.In September this year, the Independent Monitoring Board published a report on the jail saying it had experienced an "unacceptable escalation on instability".It warned that the prison was becoming increasing dangerous as there was a rising number of assaults by prisoners on both staff and each other as well as te increased use of drugs and weapons.It said: "Weapons, including blades fashioned in many different ways, are frequently found by staff and are also unfortunately used in assaults.These querns, or stones used for grinding cereals into flour, were traded for continental exports such as pottery and wine.A modest Roman style villa was constructed over the Iron Age settlement sometime during the first century AD, followed by a more luxurious one in about 200 AD.The HM Inspectorate of Prisons also said the use of force was high and the segregation unit, where certain prisoners are kept away from the general population, was "filthy".London has been ranked as Lonely Planet’s No.1 city in the world for 2012.

I have travelled around Britain in a bid to compile the best-ever list of these for my book, Eccentric Britain, and, even more fun, to join in or judge many of them. Either way, the aim is to persuade earthworms to leave the soil – and the participants are quite good at it. ’October 7 The Biggest Liar In The World Competitionis held in Santon Bridge, Cumbria. November 15, The World Pilot Gig Champsin the Scilly Isles features sea-going fast rowing boats.The Ministry of Justice has said there is an "ongoing incident" at HMP Swaleside in Kent after a disturbance in at least one wing of the prison.