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Instead, they will be seized upon by the imperialist powers and their allies as a pretext to step up their denunciations and military encirclement of Russia. 2016 If you missed last week’s show, you definitely want to go to Truth Frequency Radio .Asked by the NOTICE OF DATA BREACH Dear User, We are writing to inform you about a data security issue that may involve your Yahoo account information. A copy of certain user account information was stolen from our systems in late 2014 by what we believe is a state-sponsored actor. am EDT Breaking News The hashtag #Gas Shortage is trending on twitter for Tennessee. My brother reported to me a few minutes ago that Gas stations in Greensboro NC are out of gas and those truck stops have only about 7000 Gallons as of 1155pm EST. Com and go to the On Demand link, Find Truth Frequency News with Luckee and find the show with the title HOW TO FORGIVE, GENETICS AND GRANDMA’S MEMORIES That is available for free to Truth...“On October 31, we saw Russian aircraft go past Norway, past Denmark, past the UK, past Ireland, all the way down to Portugal.” Fallon called the flights “intimidating and frankly dangerous.” While Russian warships are currently deployed for exercises off Australia, a tense aerial stand-off has erupted in East Asia.Recent Japanese government figures show that Tokyo scrambled fighter jets to monitor Russian military aircraft at a far higher rate this year through September than the same period in 2013—324 times, as opposed to 126.

Aerial tensions are also exploding in Europe and the Asia-Pacific.

Guard dropping press releases misled Neville Chamberlain and countless other kings to...

Forgiveness by Luckee1 as heard on 30 August 2016 I know when I was a girl, I was told that we had to forgive others.

The total number of times Japanese aircraft scrambled to intercept incoming aircraft this year was at a historic high of 533.

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This eruption of a major war scare between the world powers testifies to the irrationality of the nation-state system and the historic bankruptcy of capitalism.Representing a layer of super-rich oligarchs that emerged from the restoration of capitalism and the looting of public property, they are incapable of making any appeal to anti-war sentiment in the international proletariat.