Violin neck replacement scroll graft dating

30-Sep-2017 02:47

The one-piece back, sides and scroll are of matching wood with a distinct flame of medium curl. The tracing of the purfling, the corner work and the beautifully balanced scroll truly impress.

Being a good violinist, Galea knew what violinists wanted and didn’t sell an instrument until it conformed to the tonal properties he expected and became known for. This violin was made in 1961 in Durban and is probably one of the last instruments he made before leaving for the US.

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1929 BERNARDEL Lon BERNARDEL Lon BERNARDEL COUESNON BILMARK Amon. The responsive tone allows for many colour gradations to which it responds well – really a fine instrument. Price: Withheld The label in this old violin is illegible.

(Sacconi – hence also Bilmark – was famous for his expertise and method in restoration and difficult repairs, and later Galea also became known for the same skills as restorer and repairer – something he undoubtedly picked up from Bilmark).